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 13 Days: The World Trade Center13pt


Day Four: September 14

Today the city is open below 14th, though the line of evacuation at Canal Street still stands. The rain last night and this morning settled most of the dust.

Technical difficulties

Once the rain stopped, people and cameras came out in force.

Groups stood across the streets from the police check points, peering south and pointing up whenever a military jet flew overhead.


Flags came out in force, too.

Stars & stripes & stripes


Stores on Canal Street reopened, pushing NYPD, NYFD, and questionable military t-shirts.

Phone booth
Ray’s Pizza

At night I walked through Greenwich Village, where photographs and descriptions of the missing were taped to windows and phone booths.

A new skyline

Where the towers used to stand glowing at night, there is now just a haze lit from below.